LawDragon Profiles Jared Ruocco on Redefining Trial Law

Photo of Georgetown Delaware

March 21, 2024 – Today, Lawdragon’s Meghan Hemingway spoke with Elsberg Baker & Maruri partner Jared Ruocco on setting precedents and trial law in the Covid era.

Hemingway asked Ruocco about his win in the Covid-era busted deal case in Delaware – AB Stable v. MAPS. “That's one of the proudest moments in my career,” he said. “That was a really hotly contested case, the outcome was not by any means predetermined – it really could have gone either way. We won a trial victory after a one-week bench trial in Delaware Court of Chancery in the first Covid era busted deal case in which the client wanted out of this $6B deal.”

Ruocco continued, “I was working alongside an amazing group of lawyers over what was only the span of a few months. At that level of litigation, ordinarily it might take two or three years to get the case to trial. We did it in three months. We were affirmed on appeal by the Delaware Supreme Court in an opinion that set the precedent on ordinary course covenants in deal documents.”

Hemingway then inquired about navigating between plaintiff and defense work. “In some of our practice areas, we're agnostic to which side of the V we're on,” Ruocco stated. “It's important for clients to know that when they're coming to a law firm, the firm has the flexibility to do whatever it is that the client needs. So whether it's to file your lawsuit, marshal that lawsuit through the pretrial or pre-litigation phase – either as the plaintiff or when it’s time to put up the defenses on the other side, there are different playbooks for each. Clients deserve a law firm – and a lawyer – that knows each of those playbooks very well.”

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