Associate Life

Our Recruiting Philosophy

Elsberg Baker & Maruri prides itself on its deep bench of exceptionally skilled litigators who share an aggressive approach to winning high-stakes commercial disputes.

Associates are essential members of our team, and we give them the opportunities to make valuable contributions to our cases, including standup experience in court, developing case strategies and theories, and managing our client relationships.  

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Associates & Law Clerks In Their Own Words

Nicholas Martin - Associate

“I chose to join Elsberg Baker & Maruri because of the unique opportunity to be part of a tight team of exceptional trial lawyers who are building something new at the very top of the complex commercial litigation market. Having worked closely with three of the Firm’s Founding Partners in the past, I know from experience that the partnership is committed to mentoring young lawyers and providing associates with real responsibility and stand-up opportunities, such as cross-examinations at trials and arbitration hearings. At this firm, I get to work on highly complex cases while enjoying the freedom to take on leadership roles and develop my skills as a trial lawyer without being inhibited by unnecessary hierarchy.”
       - Nicholas Martin, Associate

Ella Epstein - Law Clerk

“I joined the team at Elsberg Baker & Maruri knowing that I will get meaningful substantive experience right off the bat, working side by side with partners who care deeply about mentorship and junior associate growth. I previously worked with several of the Firms’ Founding Partners who gave me the types of opportunities that most firms reserve for associates more senior than me. The high-stakes, complex cases the Firm takes on are fascinating, and this is one of the very few places where young lawyers can have prominent roles on cases of such caliber.”
         - Ella Epstein, Law Clerk

Compensation & Benefits

Salary – The Firm generally sets associate salaries based on law school graduation year, subject to adjustments for lateral associates. The Firm’s 2024 associate salary scale is as follows:

Class Salary
2023 $225,000
2022 $235,000
2021 $260,000
2020 $310,000
2019 $365,000
2018 $390,000
2017 $420,000

Year-End Bonuses
– Associates are eligible for year-end bonuses at the Firm’s discretion.  The Firm expects to pay year-end associate bonuses that are above market.

Clerkship Bonuses – The Firm offers a bonus of $125,000 to associates joining the Firm immediately after completing a clerkship for an Article III federal court, a state’s highest court, or for a Chancellor or Vice Chancellor of the Delaware Court of Chancery. The Firm offers a bonus of $150,000 to associates who, for two consecutive years immediately before joining the Firm, clerked for an Article III federal court, a state’s highest court, or a Chancellor or Vice Chancellor of the Delaware Court of Chancery.

Health Insurance – The Firm offers associates health insurance coverage at no cost to the associate.  The Firm also offer subsidies to associates who elect to purchase additional coverage for themselves and their spouses, domestic partners, or dependents above what is provided by the Firm’s base health insurance plan.

401K – The Firm offers 401k accounts to all associates and contributes a fixed percentage into associates’ 401k accounts each year based upon the Firm’s profitability.

Bar Dues – The Firm covers associates’ bar admission and registration dues for admission and registration to practice in New York.

Life Insurance – The Firm covers life insurance, short-term, and long-term disability benefits.